Advisory Neighborhood Commission 5C

Single-Member District Commissioner
Lauren Rogers
Vice Chairperson
Harry Thomas Jr.
VJ Kapur

About ANC 5C

ANC 5C is composed of seven Single Member Districts (SMDs), each represented by a non-partisan Commissioner elected to a two-year term by residents of that district. Collectively, the Commission represents the Arboretum, Brentwood, Fort Lincoln, Gateway, Langdon, and Woodridge neighborhoods in Ward 5 of the District of Columbia.

The District established 40 ANCs across the city to bring government closer to the people, and to bring people closer to government. ANCs serve as an official voice in advising the DC and federal government on matters that affect the neighborhoods the ANC represents. These matters include decisions regarding development planning, recreation, social services, education, public safety, and budget priorities.


ANC 5C Monthly Meetings

ANC 5C has a full Commission meeting that is open to the public on the third Wednesday of each month beginning at 7 pm, except for months when in recess. Since March 2020, these meetings have been virtual; we are continually monitoring legal and health guidelines.

Typically, a representative from the Mayor’s Office, the Ward 5 Councilmember’s Office, and the Metropolitan Police Department are in attendance. Commission meetings also oftentimes include guest presentations and community discussions.

If you propose to provide a presentation at an ANC meeting, please contact the applicable ANC Commissioner more than one week in advance or, if the presentation is not specific to a particular Single-Member District, please email details of the request to all ANC 5C.

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